Finding That Balance

Our greatest need as Identity Christians is finding a balance. This is what we face in an age of mass confusion with every wind of doctrine blowing across the airwaves with fear porn. Never before has there been more ideas, groups, and interpretations as are available today. A good way to narrow it all down is by looking at what is fear-based and what is faith-based; which will you follow? The Scriptures teach us that Christ has set us free, casting out all fear, and that our power is within us because that is where He lives. Let us turn to the words of Christ to find the balance we most certainly need.

Lifestyle Christianity 7: Living It Out

Now that the truth of the Scriptures has found you, shouldn't there be a lifestyle that goes along with it? Indeed there is and we are learning it from James. It is of utmost importance to understand the truth about race; that Christ only died for Israelites and that one day God will destroy all His enemies. Now we can concentrate on how to please God and how to be a blessing to one another. The most powerful thing we can do is live it out.

Lifestyle Christianity 6: Loyalty to Royalty


Most all of us exhibit a loyalty to certain things and/or people whether we realize it or not. What is the object or basis of your loyalty? So many are loyal to a company, their job or career for instance, because they believe that's what provides their stability and comfort. Some base their loyalty on whether or not others will agree or side with them in a disagreement. Though these considerations are very common and may seem reasonable, ultimately they are temporal, external, and totally conditional. Let us find out what else we need to consider:

Old Jerusalem Will Never Rise Again by Clifton Emahiser


We would like to introduce to you one of the stalwarts of the Christian Identity message, a dear brother by the name of Clifton Emahiser. Many across the country and around the world have benefited tremendously from his writings for decades. Clifton is now 90 years old is still just as adamant about the truth of the Scriptures as he ever was. We want to honor this dear man of God by sharing one of his great papers with our readers. May God continue to richly bless Clifton and all those who read this paper. 

Blueprint for Blessings 4: A Deeper Impact


We are in a war indeed, but what is our objective? Just to be 'right'... to win political elections or religious arguments... or to be part of God opening the hearts of His people? What then is to be our overall approach to the Christian life? Has your attitude changed since you became an Identity Christian and that for the better? When we think about the perception of us by our lost brethren, what should characterize and stand out most concerning being a racially-awake Christian? These are the questions we must respond to when it comes to most effectively reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel around us.

One of our biggest concerns as a race today is preservation. Obviously this will never be solved thru politics, only by Yahweh God in us. The application is not complicated for Him; it's like lighting a candle. We must have the right attitude which is not thru staying focused on the external. Surely this Gospel makes a much deeper impact than that.

Blueprint for Blessings 3: Open Your Heart


We scratch our heads wondering how this or that person has wound up in our life. We wonder why similiar incidents keep on reoccuring. Nowhere in the Scriptures do we find any idea of coincidences- everything is happening in some way for our good. Dragging out your past only clouds your thinking. Looking too far into the future can create unnecessary anxiety, especially for those who are waiting for what they desire. It is THE NOW which matters to the ones representing the ever-present I AM from within us. According to Christ, it's up to how much you are willing to open your heart to others:

Blueprint for Blessings 2: Feeling the Filling


Though we dwell in an age of consumerism, only God can provide us with the desires of our hearts. Our Father wants us to experience how only He can come thru for us in this reguard. We marvel how throughout the Scriptures God did the impossible in the lives of His people. As you will see, it all begins with our appetite. In our first lesson, we discovered our emptiness. Here we find out from Christ the only way to fill it.

Blueprint for Blessings 1: Taming Your Mind


Who doesn't want to be more blessed of God? Though you may feel sometimes like everything is out of your control, one thing you can control is your mind. People attempt to control others and even their circumstances, but what we need to control is our own thoughts. As you will see, taking responsibility for your attitude is the first step in aligning yourself with God and His greatest blessings.

Do you want to be happy? The pursuit of happiness is a choice. This decision is made by what we place our attention on and in turn, what we choose to ignore. In these statements, commonly know as the "BE-attitudes", Christ teaches us how to be blessed and what to focus on in order to be happy. This serves as His introduction to the Sermon on the Mount.

Lifestyle Christianity 5: Righteous Response


In James' Epistle "to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad" thus far, we have been introduced to the consequences of believing or not believing our God. How we choose to live determines what we become thru the storms of life. Each and every circumstance is an opportunity to move closer to God in some way. So if we want to shine for Christ, we must depend upon the Father of Lights Who provides His glow from within. We now begin to see the need for a righteous response.

Lifestyle Christianity 4: Firstfruits


One by one let us step into a whole new life. One day for each of the Adamic race, faith becomes sight. It is ours now to find out who we are inwardly, providing us less time for worry and doubts. We long for a harvest of some kind to take place in our lives. Before we can even think about the harvest however, we must first be willing to give God the best of what He has given us. All of this must be done by faith. What are the best things in your life- your marriage, your family, maybe some talent or ability? Along with that, God has given you the power to believe; to produce abundance in your life and those around you. This is what we were meant to be:

Lifestyle Christianity 3: The Wisdom of Faith


Dare to set your desires to only what the God within you will attain. We are talking about the way God has created us to receive what we want in this life. As we have seen, enduring trials proves our faith. But it also prepare us for our new, much fuller life, because of the full appreciation we then have once it arrives. Meanwhile, all of this gives us patience. Why else would God want us to endure other than to teach us how to receive what we want from Him? We must stop viewing ourselves as the world wants the white race to be: poor, desperate, and defeated. For we can receive anything from God we desire practicing the wisdom of faith.

Lifestyle Christianity 2: Crown of Life


Our God gives us all things. We are to want the best for our brethren and ourselves. What is it you would like to see happen in your life and in the lives of those you love? We merely must change our way of thinking and self perception. The day of thinking of your self as poor, lacking, or never having what you want, can be over. But only when we allow the Spirit to control our minds. James illustrates this by contrasting a humble man's self-acknowledgment of being exalted by God, with a wealthy man's need to humble himself. Little did you know but God has exalted you and those with the wisdom to believe it shall receive the crown of life:

Lifestyle Christianity 1: Conquering all Adversity


The book of James is a basic outline of the ideal Christian life. It begins by telling us up front that God uses adversity as a big part of our spiritual development. God will never hold anything out on us, unless we are not ready for it. God has things down the road for you, but will your life end here before you get there? God has given us this whole life, for however long it may be, to become spiritually mature. What our people need the most is to practice lifestyle Christianity.

White Lives Matter to God 4: Salvation & Hell


Coming to the knowledge of the truth is not only gaining a fuller understanding of Who and how God is, but also being willing to let go of ways we've been taught which God is not. As we've seen in previous studies together, there are many ways God is being gravely misrepresented, even by His own children thru judeochristian doctrines. We have previously dealt with some of these misconceptions about God in this series. Therefore since we have learned white lives matter to God, we must weigh out whether or not any of our remaining beliefs may be impacted, possibly even being contradictory to the Scriptures.

Sleep through the Storm


No matter your plight or position in life, if you are an Israelite (white) person, it can never really be over for you. As we are learning, things are now much different than what they were, when we first believed. Therefore how we handle the storms of life reflects where we really are spiritually. The good news is the more we listen to Christ, the more we will mature.

Next Level 3: Making our Lives Count


We live in a world of opinions, but in the end, only God's perfect judgment will matter. As we've seen, the way to the next level is to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. What results from us is tested by the fire of God. Indeed our eternity is effected by what we choose to do in this life. In this our conclusion, Paul reveals the depth of importance of us making our lives count for the glory of God.

Next Level 2: What We Are Made of


How we live for God is all that matters in this life. Nothing is more important than wanting to be used by God. How strong a Christian do you want to become? We can only know how far we have to get there by honestly analyzing our own attitude and experience. All that will count in the end is what we used to build up the kingdom of God. Given what we've already seen, the Apostle Paul wanted these Corinthian believers to get to that next level spiritually as well.

Next Level 1: Ready to Grow


In one way or another, everyone in this world is trying to move up. Most of the time, it is at another person's expense. When it comes to going to the next level in the Christian life, the only way is thru wanting to be a blessing to others. In order for this to occur, we must deal with any carnality which exists within us. The Apostle Paul wanted to help the assembly at Corinth to overcome their divisions, so they could grow spiritually.

Unseen Realm of Faith 10: Taking Possession


When it comes to being a faithful Christian, finding personal, inner peace is indispensable. Do you sometimes catch yourself dwelling on things which make you feel helpless, which you assume cannot change? Lingering strongholds are the root of reoccurring discontentment. We must monitor our hearts while asking God to pinpoint what needs to be dealt with to maintain peace of mind. Here we can learn how to deal with strongholds which stand between us and taking possession of God's greatest blessings.

Quest for Destiny 7: A Heart for God


Here Paul has clearly outlined for us the strait and narrow lifestyle Christ spoke of which is the way of faith unto righteousness. As we've hopefully taken to heart, this requires the willingness to change even the way we think. Being conformed to the image of Christ while entering the kingdom of God is the overall destination and this is how God intends for us to arrive. We must be persuaded that the only acceptable lifestyle is to go fully after God's predestinated plan for our lives. Christ gave His life for us and we are to return that love by living our lives for Him. As we conclude with this final portion, recognize it as the Master's stroke upon us having a heart for God. May we each assess how far we've come in the quest for our destiny.

Quest for Destiny 6: The Eyes of Eternity


Thus far in this study, the Apostle has been convincing us to change our mindset and lifestyle. We've seen the importance of righteousness and peace, therefore we crucify our flesh by controlling our thoughts. Now Paul seeks to give us insight into where this all began and the internal work God is doing within us, even in regards to our weaknesses. As we become one with His purpose, it will be more and more reflected by our expectation of the fulfillment of His perfect will in our lives. Herein is outlined the overview of Israel's destiny from the perspective of Yahweh God Almighty.

Quest for Destiny 5: On Wings of Hope


After having seen the kind of mind desired for us by God, we now get to the nature of the journey to our destiny. Before time began there was only Yahweh God, and in His mind was the plan of how to share and express His perfect love, resulting in His ultimate glory. Within it, it is ours to fulfill the role of the humble traveller; do we want to crawl or do we want to fly to get to our destiny? As we are learning, over-extending ourselves in the flesh does nothing more than hold us down. Therefore, while we seek to comprehend the depth of God's wisdom in creating and developing a race to receive His blessings, we strive daily to overcome our programmed mindset; something we must master from within. Paul expresses this to us as he takes us deeper into our hope in God: