Quest for Destiny 4: The Confident Mind


We are now getting to the heart of what it means to walk in the Spirit of God. Most of us have been led to associate spirituality with everything except for what the Scriptures actually teach. Here the Apostle pinpoints the key indicators God uses to reveal to us our motivation, along with the consequences either way.

Hope is what it is without any proof. The more we follow the Spirit, the more living in hope appeals to us. For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, this can put together the foundation for what we need to consistently walk with and be blessed by God. Wherein lies your confidence? Whatever it is will determine your direction and guide your future.

Quest for Destiny 3: Living from Within


Have you ever began to wonder what your potential really is, only to wind up discouraged by circumstances which exist around you? It's time for Israelites to stop quenching the Holy Spirit by neglecting so great a salvation! It was not intended for us to scratch around in religious pig pens with wolves and goats. For we have the ever-abiding Spirit within, ready to take flight. All we must do is step up. God has so much over the horizon for those who will live by His Spirit. Let us continue with Paul as he teaches us more about our destiny.

Quest for Destiny 2: The Breath of God


We each have just one life to live. If you acknowledge that God is your Father and is the One Who has given you life, the only way to fully express your gratitude is to go after what He wants for you. Off and on, we spend our lives wondering why we were born into this world. God not only wants us to know, but to live it out. We must realize that outside of His Spirit there are only diversions, leading us further away from His pathway. Here the Apostle continues to explain why this is and how we can learn to please God.

Quest for Destiny 1: Head For Something More


In life, every one of our people is in pursuit of something, good or bad, right or wrong. Many seek to attain a level of self-righteousness, wanting to exist with an appeased conscience until they die. Yet for those of us who've become racially awake, life is a quest for our destiny. We did not begin this journey knowing the truth. Now that we do, we realize it's more than mere head knowledge or just another reason to detest non-whites. God intends for us to work out what He has placed in us by finding our spiritual identity as well. What can only a white person see when he or she looks in the mirror? A spiritual being with a flesh body.

So what is your quest, for life or death? Such a question might seem ridiculous but not really- it all depends upon what's in your head. The thoughts we have about God and Christianity may have come from preachers or a denomination, but that doesn't mean it originated with the Holy Spirit or from the Scriptures. Let's find out the value of what we each have in our head.

Success 5: Don't Forget God


As we wrap-up this enlightening series, Christ concludes by giving a parable which contains vital significance. We've covered forgiveness from several angles, even how to prevent further problems from unsettled differences. Now we get to what it all boils down to, one of the main problems for Israel. This encapsulates all that's been taught in this chapter... humility and forgiveness, the big picture, as well as binding and loosing. Again, He makes this simple enough for a child to understand. We must take to heart everything we learn here, that we may not fall short and suffer tremendous loss.

Right Kind of Fear


In our studies on living in the Spirit, the Scriptures have shown us how fear is in direct opposition to faith. This of course is in reference to fleshly fear which we allow to keep us from believing or doing the will of God. It is clear that we must face and oppose anything that makes us hesitant about trusting and obeying our Father.

Yet there is another kind of fear which actually is in perfect harmony with our faith, and may be the needed incentive to put you over the edge for God. Call it reverence or respect, we are to fear God, for Proverbs says it is the beginnning of knowledge and wisdom. Though there are no contradictions in the Scriptures, as we have noted before, faith has a peculiar, paradoxical nature. Here we will see how the right kind of fear is actually a good thing for us spiritually.

White Power 2: The Solution


In the midst of what we see today, so many assume we ourselves can come up with the solutions. Unfortunately, most of our people have been led to believe that whatever we do, the jews should be right there by our side. Yet until our people embrace the power that is within them, there will be no solution.

As we've already noted, the only Source of white power is Almighty God. Without Him, the white race has no reason to boast. Our race is by far superior. Yet all our inventions, discoveries, and accomplishments were only possible because our Father gave our people the knowledge, wisdom, and ability to achieve all that we have. Let us continue to learn of the strength and power that our Father has placed in us.

Unseen Realm of Faith 9: To the Other Side


We began this study by discussing the role our desires play in living for God. Time after time, we see that those in the Scriptures who were most effective in doing God's will, were the ones who went after their desires. God does so much more in the lives of those who live by faith! Moses was such a man.

The only kind of life the Israelites knew in Egypt was that of bondage. They woke every day, performed their labor, then went to bed- basically a life of survival. It was the best they thought they could do or ever hope for their children- sound familiar? Weeks became months, months became years, and years became decades of existing as slaves; they had lost who they were, and the significance of their fathers. Little did they know, the God of their fathers had big plans for them on the other side.

Beyond Babylon 2: Your Lions


The testimony of Daniel is one of the most interesting in all the Scriptures. On more than one occasion, Nebuchadnezzar had certain dreams. He would call the magicians, astrologers, and soothsayers before him, yet none of the wise men of Babylon could interpret them. They then would bring Daniel in and God would give him the interpretation.

Daniel knew how to depend upon God. There were crucial times where his life was on the line and God always came thru and gave him just what he needed. Let us study together Daniel in the lions' den. May we gleen fresh insight and take to heart the example of Daniel.

White Power 1: The Source


If there's one thing we must learn it is we do not have the power to awaken anyone inwardly- only God can. We've voted, debated, even killed one another in many wars- yet the transformation our people need has not nor will it ever come thru external means.

Who has the power today? Most believe it is whatever political party controls Washington DC. When we look at the Scriptures, it becomes clear that it is those who take their marching orders from the LORD of Hosts- the invisible kingdom is within every Israelite!

There is much talk concerning racism. Don't be deceived into thinking that the over-blown caricatures on television truly represent those who are in touch with the true Source of white power, Almighty God. Without Him the white race would be nothing. We are seeing right now how naive and ridiculous our people can be in the arena of jew politics. The only way of deliverance from this weak position is to stop trying to force our way into a solution. For our race will not be able to continue to ignore the necessity of God's power very much longer. Here is a clear examination of the Source of our superiority:

Beyond Babylon 1: Into the Fire


We are in Babylon. There is more confusion than ever before as society becomes more wicked and corrupt. How did we arrive here? In one word- compromise. For in most cases, families do not fall apart and nations do not crumble with one singular act; it's by the small, incremental compromises men choose to make along the way. Each step toward compromise is a step away from God.

Throughout history, we see how great white nations rise and fall. Israelites must learn from our mistakes and look beyond man-made institutions and policies in order to ultimately prevail. We must look beyond Babylon.

Success 4: Unify for Power


Genuine Christian fellowship is hard to come by. As was made apparent by Christ previously, His sheep are far and wide to reach. After we're found, we gain interest in gathering with others who believe the truth and want to fellowship. For this journey takes on much more spiritual significance when we develop ties with fellow believers. To assemble together provides tremendous opportunities.

Unseen Realm of Faith 8: Fearless Endurance


Throughout this study, we have seen the power of God in the lives of our ancestors; what do we have to fear?! As Israelites, we shouldn't see our future thru fear and pessimism, but thru faith and perseverence! We now arrive at the testimony of Moses. His life was anything but ordinary. When it comes of Moses, we think of miracles, deliverance, and steadfastness. Moses was in the unseen realm of faith, even from his birth:

Success 3: Consider the Big Picture


In any narrative, there must be a controlling idea. With any plan, there must be a purpose or basis. It is no different when it comes to the Scriptures. As the message of Christian Identity has helped put together the pieces, the picture's become quite clear. There then comes a time when we must learn where this all applies and do something about it thru our lives.

However, before we can embark upon such an endeavor, we must gaze upon the big picture of relating the Gospel to our brethren. The fine line between our rights versus our brother's condition without Christ, must always tilt toward our brother when at all possible. Christ unveils the big picture, the world of our success.

Becoming Spiritually Attractive


We live in a world with its perceived demands. With bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and commitments to keep, Israelites allow our circumstances to control us, forfeiting our distinctiveness. Christ was in the world, He overcame it, and He is willing to teach us how to do the same. For the more truth we receive, the more we recognize the power of God's love. The deeper we comprehend His attributes and ways, the further we want to unite with His plans and purposes. Let us unlock the beauty of serving God the way which most pleases Him- worry free.

Higher Living by Design


We should only be satisfied when God is moving in our lives. We're not here to just exist, but to be taken by Him beyond our own capability. It's no accident we're to live by faith, it's by design. For God has a higher life for those who will love and trust Him. Here's a way we can know if we're on the right track:

Success 2: Let Go & Rise


In our first lesson we learned how to approach God's way of success by humbling ourselves. We now continue by learning how to deal with offenses. While non-whites do despicable things to our people, we do terrible things to one another. We live in a cruel world and unfortunately it has rubbed off on all of us in some way. Christ shows us how to avoid and even remove obstacles which stand in our way to success.

Success 1: Humble Yourself


When traveling, much can be said for having good directions. If you get headed in the wrong direction, you may have to go all the way back and start over again. Unfortunately in our spiritual lives, we've spent alot of time going the wrong way; we were misled. Christ shows us the way to get our life back on track.

Imagine being one of the Disciples, walking with the Saviour. You see all the reaction to Him, witnessing the miracles He did- you hear His voice. To say the least, it must've been beyond exhilarating to wake up each day, as the Disciples must've wondered what He was going to do next. As both His opposition and popularity grew, they wanted to know more about how to be successful in God's kingdom. Christ gives them a simple illustration and oh how we've missed it. By His Spirit, Christ wants you to have a growing expectation in your life each day.

White Lives Matter to God 3: Apostle to the Gentiles


As you've likely discovered, what the denominations teach and practice is contrary to what Christ commissioned; they are scattering the sheep by gathering wolves and goats. In other words, white lives do not matter to them, other than taking our hard-earned money and squandering it on wood, hay, and stubble.

By now, you're well aware that Yahweh God initiated and established an everlasting covenant with Abraham. This covenant contains certain promises which include Abraham's genetic descendants becoming an innumerable multitude. Denominations teach of course that God's chosen people are those who call themselves jews and that Palestine is the only land God ever promised Israel; they are ignoring and denying the Scriptures. Along with that, they also teach the Apostle Paul was the 'apostle to the gentiles' or non-Israelites. All these claims stand or fall together. When held against the Scriptures, they fall headlong into the pits of hell from whence they came.

The Word Economy 3: Inspired by Invincibility


God is sovereign; Yahweh controls it all. What an honor it is to serve Him. He always provides more than we need- our greatest need is to honor Him. 'Oh the opportunites and blessings awaiting those who put to practice the Word economy! The goal is to be united to His cause in such a way that we begin to share in the success of His Word. Should we not long to live in the power of God and to recognize His majesty; He Who transforms medocrity into excellence, and a dismall outlook into great expectation? Let us conclude with a final look at what God has for us in the Word economy.

The Word Economy 2: In God We Trust


Written upon the money is "IN GOD WE TRUST." Only thru trusting God do we find peace and satisfaction. It takes an insatiable hunger and thirst for Him. His wisdom is free, but it isn't cheap or easy. If we'll listen carefully to Him, we can expect to have an abundant life. God has plans for us and a part for us to play in the Word economy. Trusting God is more than just words.

Do you have control over your thoughts or do your thoughts control you? Are you on your own broad way or His narrow way? When it comes to trusting God, these are the elements which must be learned and put to practice. For the ability to trust Him dwells within us if we'll set our minds to following His ways.

The Word Economy 1: Appetite for Construction


With the shape things are in, and maybe even in our own lives, what if God told us to stop what we're doing and begin approaching life a whole different way? That's what we have in the 55th chapter of Isaiah. As opposed to the world economy which is headed for collapse and destruction, herein we find for Israel outlined by the prophet, 'the Word economy' which deals with a spiritual appetite for constructing God's kingdom. Let's not be so stubborn to where all we focus on is having our own way. We must humble ourselves and be willing to listen to how God wants to construct our lives. God has a plan for each of us if only we will finally trust Him with everything.

Some think it's all about money. Therefore, to make ends meet in the world economy, we work all the time. But is what we are laboring for bringing any lasting satisfaction? Could there be another way to live? This we will explore.

Unseen Realm of Faith 7: Spiritual Vision


Misplaced desires result from a lack of direction: "Where there is no vision, the people perish." We must have goals; we must be guided by something (or Someone) greater than ourselves. As genuine descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our destiny is secured by the promises of God. In the Spirit, we are fully capable of embracing and benefiting from these promises, but only by faith. Be inspired by the example of our faithful ancestors and seek a similiar vision. May we strive to live up to our Father's expectations as "a chosen generation (race), a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people."

In Bed with the Enemy 2: Judah


What we're about to look at may shock you. Many times we've heard of 'Daniel in the den of lions' and 'Jonah in the whale's belly,' but what about 'Judah in bed with the enemy'?! That's right, the tribal patriarch Judah, like all our Israelite ancestors, was not perfect. Yet we can learn from their mistakes and see the hand of God working even in unseemly circumstances.

Some stories in the Scriptures seem to take a back seat. This one somehow ended up in the trunk by denominational pulpiteers. Though it's damaging to Judah's legacy, it is in the Scriptures and must be revealed.